The Goal


Why are we like this? – The Fanatics. The Immoderate. The Overindulgent. What drives us? Why is football not just a game? What tilts our balance when Saturday comes?

The Footy Traveller (TFT) is the quest of a football batty Indian to answer these questions on his travels around the world in search of the maniacs, the romantics and the visionaries of football – The fans. TFT is committed to the cause of the fans; and is focused on bringing to the forefront the sweat, blood, and tears that go behind such intransigent support from the stands or in front of the television. 

The Footy Traveller, additionally, is a platform to share fan stories – of the ones who’ve made it to the stadium of their dreams and of those who aspire to do so. It aims at building a football fan ecosystem, through low-downs on travel tips, hacks and costs which are published not only by the author himself but is also collaboratively crowd sourced from fanatics over the world. 

Lastly, TFT is also about the locals – their stories, their aspirations and their love for the beautiful game. While the world, features prominently, the country that’s given this football daft man everything, takes center stage. This is for the millions like him in India who are integral to the development of India as a footballing nation. The project hopes to be an awakening not just to the world about the passion that exists, but also a calling to the locals to create and propel an atmosphere in the stands for their country that needs them more, now, than ever before. 

Join this man’s journey through photo essays, blogs, and travel-v logs, as he brings to you the stories of these otherwise ordinary people on weekdays who lead extraordinary lives on match days.